Hogan Duthane

Retired Guardsman, Owner of Hogan's Alley


Early to mid-50’s human male. Olive skin with salt & pepper hair. 5’ 7" tall, 185 lbs. Sturdy and willing to fight to protect those he loves and his beloved bar.


Hogan Duthane is the uncle of guardsman, and former pirate, Fitzroy Duthane. Once a captain in the Loch Rannoch guards, Hogan retired after 20 years to open Hogan’s Alley, a guard bar for his friends on the force to come and relax after often stressful shifts protecting the city from scum and villainy. Although he has been retired from the force for 10 years, he still has many friends and contacts in the guards, many of them high-up in the ranks.

Hogan has been married to Eliza, a half-elf of exceptional beauty, for the last 25 years. They have a happy, if child-less, marriage. Recently, his brother’s son Fitzroy decided to leave the pirate life behind, so Hogan pulled some strings to get the boy admitted to the guard academy. Fitz is staying with Hogan and Eliza while he gets his land-legs back under him.

Hogan Duthane

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