Eladrin Fey Pact Binder Warlock




Oliestran hails from the Rose Spire, one of the eladrin tower-cities in the Feywild. An ambitious student, he took a liking to magic and worked diligently to hone his skill. His ambition caused him to reach beyond his means and try a summoning spell that was far beyond his abilities. The spell reversed, and he found himself pulled into the deep, dark recesses of the Feywild. Trapped and fearing for his life, Oliestran made a deal with an agent of the Unseelie Court who ruled over the domain in which he’d become lost.

The Unseelie fey would grant Oliestran incredible arcane power, and would from time to time ask Oliestran to complete certain tasks. Oliestran agreed, and was given his first instruction, to join the City Guard in Loch Rannoch. For the next several months, Oliestran served in the guard, waiting for the Unseelie’s next directive.


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