Tomas Vandermeir

Human Warpriest of Torm




Tomas and his twin brother Henrik are heirs to the wealthy Vandermeir merchant family, and grew up in the Second Ward. Their father, Samuel, wanted his sons to be in a position to take over the business, and paid for the two of them to have the best possible education. It quickly became apparent that, while Tomas easily absorbed historical and religious texts, he had absolutely no head for figures. Henrik, on the other hand, was an astute mathematician, and therefore Samuel’s obvious choice to inherit the family business. Rather than continue to pay for Tomas’s education, his father shunted him into the priesthood, and Tomas became a member of the Church of Torm.

Tomas enjoyed his duties, but soon found himself growing bored. He wanted a means to more directly impart the teachings of Torm to the citizens of Loch Rannoch. His boisterous and outgoing personality irritated the priests and clerics of the church, but the elders thought that Tomas may be a good recruiter. Tomas was encouraged to join the City Guard, where he would serve a double purpose. First, he would be an instrument of law, meting out Torm’s justice to the wicked. Second, he would be in a position to spread the Church’s scriptures to the lay folk throughout the city. Tomas found himself spending much of his time in the Third Ward, trying to convince the folk there to abandon their wicked ways and become productive members of society.

Tomas Vandermeir

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