Valen is a Sun Elf of 70 years. He has considerable talent making himself look any way he needs to look. Valen has a number of alias’s that allowing him to have contacts within groups he is enemies with. Additionally, while not opposed sketchy criminal activity, Valen would prefer to avoid murder or death as you never know when an enemy will become an ally. This sentiment does not hold however for the men that betrayed him and stole his business.



Born Alexander Livineous III, Valen grew up as a Noble Eladrin. Upon his 16th birthday Valen relinquished his family ties in order to make a name for himself. He adopted the name Valen as one of his aliases. From then on Valen focused on creating wealth for himself through various business enterprises. Both Smart and Charismatic Valen created an ever expanding list of allies and his business enterprises ranged from protection of local merchants to smuggling difficult to obtain items into the city.

Business was going well until a local street gang (The Red Oxes) that Valen used to provide protection for businesses decided that his services were no longer needed. In truth, Valen’s assistant Tyrus Overmach had decided to take control of all the business enterprises. Through some of his contacts Valen was able to find out about the mutiny before it happened. Giving him time to fake his own death.

Valen retreated to one of his most trusted contacts, Byron, the innkeeper at the Jade Lion. From there he pondered ways to rebuild his own empire without letting Tyrus know that he was still alive. To this end he joined the king’s guard in search of both allies and businesses to increase his power and influence.


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