City Wards

The city of Loch Rannoch is divided into several neighborhoods or wards. Each ward has its own distinct personality. The citizens of Loch Rannoch are proud of their neighborhoods, and where you come from matters in this town.

The Wharf

This is the epicenter of trade in the town. The wharf district lays at the bottom of the city on its northern edge. Loch Rannoch is a major port of trade in the area. Ships enter and leave the harbor daily carrying riches, goods and people from all over.

First Ward

This is the immigrant ward – new arrivals to the city find the neighborhood welcoming to all comers. This ward benefits from lots of diversity – many new ideas flow in and out of this ward. Artists and academics can be found here, along with much more eclectic folks. This neighborhood is not very organized, and often struggles to mobilize its citizens for important matters.

Second Ward

This is also sometimes referred to as the Garden District. This ward is known for their exotic and large community gardens and parks. The citizens could be considered “hippies”. However, the ward is key to the city remaining supplied with food and wine. The citizens in this ward maintain ties to outside world with local farmers, wineries, herders and so forth. Many of the city’s merchants live here, and the citizens in this ward tend to be the more wealthy of the commoners.

Third Ward

This neighborhood is populated by citizens that have an aggressive libertarian spirit. This is the “anything goes” ward – if you have a desire or need, it can be satisfied here. The citizens here are not particularly fond of law enforcement, but it does not mean that every person in the ward is evil. They simply believe that each man should live his life as freely as possible. This district is home to lots of brothels, gambling parlours, backalley shops, and other illegal activity.

Fourth Ward

This ward is comprised largely of Dwarves and Humans. The Seafaring union and Stone Cutter union are both very strong here. The citizens here are almost all born here – this is not a ward that is friendly to outsiders, particularly non-Humans or non-Dwarves.

The Gold District

Home to most of the noble families in the city. This area is noted for its elaborate buildings and manors. The Seven reside here, dividing the district into seven distinct sub-neighborhoods where the bannermen and lesser nobles aligned with each house live.

Market District

If you need it, you can buy it here. Whether you’re looking for magical items, armor, weapons, or the more mundane, it can be found at one of the shops or boothes in this area.

City Wards

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