There are several gangs currently active in Loch Rannoch. Most gangs in the city tend to be fairly territorial and stick to their own wards. While the gangs usually enjoy in petty enough crimes to escape a full crackdown of the law, on occasion the city guard has to put the gangs in their place.

Notable gangs

Blackfoot gang

The Blackfoot gang operates in the Third Ward. They mainly specialize in shakedown and protection rackets. They have relations with the other gangs and usually avoid direct confrontation with other gangs, unless directly threatened on their turf. Because of this, other gangs often enlist the Blackfoots as mediators when they want to arrange a parlay. Their gang mark is a footprint, colored black.


The Greenstriders traffic in illegal goods and smuggling. They are one of the more violent gangs, and many gang members have been arrested for assault, battery and robbery. They are based largely out of the First Ward, and tend to attract new arrivals to the city, some desperate for work, others known scoundrels looking to cause trouble in their new city. They are best spotted by their flashy green boots and shoes.


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