Political Structure


Officially Loch Rannoch allows the common people to have a voice via the District Council. This body contains elected representatives from the various city wards, as well as several at-large candidates. While the Council is often overridden by other political forces, those in power must at least pay token homage to the Council’s desires, lest the common people rise up against them.

Unofficially, The Seven meet on their own and hold more sway when they find an issue they care about. They are content to let the commoners regulate the more mundane day-to-day matters, but will step in if they feel like some new proposed rules or statements may threaten their very comfortable status quo.


Loch Rannoch does have a system of courts and justice can be obtained via this system. It is presided over by the Supreme Judge of the Courts.


Officially, Loch Rannoch is under the rule of Duke William of Wykeham. However, the Duke is usually too busy attending to his estate and other matters, so in practice, the rule of the city is left to the City Governor.

Political Structure

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