Law & Order: Loch Rannoch

The mysterious death of Sir Blazot Klemont

Case number: 13-Z-2022KL0

Official report
While Sgt Ermey has his misgivings about the new recruits, I think they showed great promise foiling the plot to sell dragonborn eggs to those wretched goblins. Therefore, I decided to let them show me what they could do, and I sent them out on a case to investigate the mysterious death of Sir Blazot Klemont.

I can already see our investment in WPF-001 is paying off – his keen instincts and abilities were able to detect that Klemont had been poisoned. The rest of the group showed good investigative skills and determined that the perpetrator was none other than Peter Pheasant, the partner of the deceased. Though I suspect I do not want to know where the troops found the poison vendor, their skill in tracking down the antidote to detect the poison was excellent.

Though I had a few complaints from Klemont’s butler about the dwarven paladin intimidating the staff (he mentioned something about a hysterical servant boy), overall the group did well. I believe they are ready to take on more advanced cases moving forward.

Capt Silvertoe, 2nd battalion, city guard unit

Basic Training

As part of the draconian punishment for my indiscretions; I am required to keep this awful journal. May all who read it suffer the pain of a half-orc’s breath after the foul beast has eaten a huge helping of dung pie.

I was assigned to a team of absolute rabble for my basic training. There was an idiot dwarf paladin, a no-name machine monstrosity and a some type of war priest who could not find his ass with both hands in a room full of mirrors. To be fair those were only my initial impressions. After the day’s training my opinion of the lot was somewhat better (especially considering the lowly background of each of these poor souls).

Our initial training was a test of our ability to protect the citizens of the town. Once we were assembled in a wooded and rocky area several civilians appeared from thin air (obviously illusions but very convincing). Then a band of bandits with a leader, two archers and four or five henchmen appeared (illusions as well).

I immediately took the initiative for our group and destroyed one of the archers with my scourge (a massive critical hit). Each member of our band had several kills and we were able to safely guide the civilians to safety while destroying all of the bandits.

After being offered a bribe by a lowly corporal of the guard (who I bluffed into believing I cared about his ill conceived scheme), we faced a young dragon. Because the young dragon appeared to be one of the dragons of the north a used my hellfire blast to begin our attack. I must say that the team performed extremely well. While several of our group took terrible hits from the sky lizard; none died. I was able to avoid the clutches of the beast and strike several blows. We took the beast down but before we could strike the final fatal blow it’s master stopped our attack.

I am quite sure we will have our guard assignments in the coming days.

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