Fitzroy Duthane

Former pirate made good




Many years ago, after another blow-out with his father, Fitz decided he’d had enough of it all. He ran down to the docks and jumped on the first ship that would take him far away. After a year of sailing the seas on a small merchant ship, Fitz found himself deep in his cups in a dockside tavern far across the ocean. As he was chatting away, he didn’t notice one of his new friends slip a little powder into his rum, but he soon noticed the world growing quite dark, quite quickly. When he awoke two days later, he found himself back on the seas, but this time he had ‘volunteered’ on a pirate ship.

Honestly, he found that he enjoyed his new life. It was fun, and most vessels they preyed upon gave up quickly and nobody really got hurt. Times were good, and the years passed with merriment and adventure. That was until the captain fell mysteriously ill one day, and died the next. The former first mate turned captain was substantially more vicious and greedy than his predecessor. The ship kept going for ever growing prizes, and began to hurt those who had offered no resistance. Eventually, Fitz could stomach no more, and slipped off the ship when it was anchored in Loch Rannoch. He figured this was a good place to start over, especially since his uncle lived in the city.

He worked as a bartender for his uncle for a couple of months, but he missed the action of the seas. After seeing the fear on the innocent’s faces as they were robbed of their dearest processions, he knew he couldn’t return to that life. He decided that he would do what he can to make up for his past by protecting those in this city that couldn’t protect themselves.

Fitzroy Duthane

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